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Become a member of the Good Food Organics family by becoming a Brand Ambassador to help us introduce the highest quality certified Organic and Biodynamic® foods.

We believe today’s choices create the future, and you will be able to help people learn how to make better selections for a healthier, more robust, and sustainable world for generations.

As a Brand Ambassador, you will be able to earn rewards by helping in a variety of ways. You will have the ability to pick and choose which options are right for you. Such as:

  • Posting on social media
  • Writing about us on your blog
  • Hosting a Tea & Coffee tasting party with your friends
  • Participating in events

In exchange for your support, qualified Brand Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn:

  • Coupons and free samples
  • The opportunity to learn about Organics, Biodynamics, Fair Trade and more from former U.S. Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun.
  • Gift cards
  • Monetary compensation

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