Biodynamic farming is free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in the same manner as certified organic farming. In order to qualify for Demeter Biodynamic status a farm must first meet the same 3 year transition requirement that USDA certified organic farming requires. Demeter also requires a reduction of the volume of imported materials necessary to sustain life on the farm.

Biodynamic farming involves managing a farm within the living organisim. In such a system there is a high degree of self-sufficency in all of the realms of biological survival. Fertility and feed arises out of of the recycling of organic material the system generates. Avoidance of pest species is based and biological vigor and its intrinsic biological and genetic diversity. Water is efficently cycled through the system.

What distinguishes a Demeter certified Biodynamic farm from a certified organic farm is that, in its entirely, a Demeter Biodynamic farm is managed as a living organism. This is the fundamental principal of the Biodynamic farming method.

Naturally Better For You

In 1924, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Biodynamics, saw that modern agricultural practices would soon deteriorate themquality of our farms so much that they would no longer be able to sustain human nourishment. His concept is simple – healthier people depend on healthy food from a healthy planet.

Our products reflect the health and vitality of the environment in which they were grown. Biodynamic organic is the purest way to revitalize and heal the earth and the people it sustains. We believe it is nature’s way of giving back.
Biodynamic principles enhance the biological structure and nutrients of the soil, resulting in a pure, high-quality harvest and the long-term sustainability of the farm.


All of Ambassador Organics coffees, teas, cocoa and olive oils are certified Biodynamic® by Demeter USA. This ensures that they are authentic organic products – grown the way nature intended.


Rudolph Steiner, Founder of Biodynamics®.