This is not your Dad’s cup of Joe (or tea or cocoa)!

We give consumers healthier, more sustainable food and beverage choices by providing tasty products that are certified to be pollution free, toxin free, fair traded and locally produced.

Why Organic?
When you drink coffee or tea, you are drinking a bean or a leaf infused in water. You can have a pure bean and a clean leaf, or one that may have been grown or treated with artificial chemicals. By LAW, products certified as organic may not have any artificial chemicals.

These are some of the artificial chemicals used to make conventional coffee and tea:

Diazinon (Basudin)
Methyl parathlon
Flouzlfop-P-butyl Chlorpyrifos (Dursban)
HCH – Hexachlorocyclohexane
DDT – Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethe
Carfentrazone – ethyl

Why Biodynamic?
Biodynamic organic is produced the way farming has been done for centuries. It is the authenic organic. It uses the most sustainable organic farming methods. Based on holistic principles that consider all creation connected, biodynamics regards the farm as a complete system and focuses on using the best water and the purest soil and compost. Rudolph Steiner, a philosopher of the early 20th Century, prescribed biodynamics as a way of producing food that was more nutritious for our bodies and better for our planet.

Why Ambassador® Brand Products?
Our shade grown, single estate coffees and whole leaf teas come from Demeter certified biodynamic organic farms, and are certified Fair Trade by Transfair, the internationally recognized organization dedicated to fighting poverty one farm at a time. Enjoy these healthier versions of the things you love!