Ambassador Organics

The Ambassador Organics™ brand consists of premium organic foods made from the finest certified organic and Biodynamic® products and ingredients available in the world. Ambassador Organics™ directly participates in providing farmers with markets in which they can maintain the dignity of their work and the integrity of their farm. The company translates these values into great tasting and convenient products that respect the time pressures and lifestyles of American consumers. The brand also reflects the economic, social and philosophical commitment to doing well while doing good. It functions as a transparent financial engine that respects and promotes the source of food and its producers.

Good Food Organics

Good Food Organics™ is the umbrella company under which the Ambassador Organics™ brand is held. Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun founded Good Food Organics™ with the intention of creating a foundation for foods produced from agricultural systems that are certified USDA Organic, and, whenever possible, Certified Demeter Biodynamic and Certified Fair Trade as well. GFO is a CMBDC minority certified company.