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At Ambassador Organics™, we believe today’s choices create the future. We go to great lengths to bring you great tasting food and beverages. Our products are the highest quality certified Organic and Biodynamic® foods for a healthier, more robust, and sustainable world for generations to come.

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Purity You Can Taste

Certified USDA Organic

When you drink coffee or tea, you are drinking a bean or a leaf infused in water. You can have a pure bean and a clean leaf or one that may have been grown or treated with artificial chemicals. All Ambassador Organics products are certified USDA Organic, so that you can trust that they are free of artificial chemicals. Read More>

Certified Demeter USA Biodynamic®

The Demeter Association is the Biodynamic certifier for foods and products in the United States The Demeter symbol guarantees that food bearing its seal has been grown and produced to international biodynamic production and processing standards. Read More>

Certified Fair Trade USA

The local communities of farm workers are the backbone of the healthy, vibrant environment needed to grow the world’s purest products. That’s why we are proud to be Fair Trade certified by TransFair USA. Fair Trade is a market-based approach to ending global poverty and promoting the sustainable development of farming communities. Read More>

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